Members Of The Irish Martial Arts Commission

Why Join OUr Association

Why Join Our Association

  • Established in 1977 we have 45 years of experience and an impeccable reputation
  • The style we practice ‘ Lau Gar’  is an extremely effective ancient self defence system which will also enhance good health and lead to increased physical fitness
  • Master Jeremy Yau one of the World’s most respected instructors travels to Ireland on a regular basis to share in his vast knowledge with our members
  • Chief Instructor Bobby O’Neill is a former World Champion, Guardian of
    Lau Gar and one of Irelands most respected instructors
  • All Our Instructors are fully qualified, Garda Vetted and have completed all sports safeguarding courses
  • Our Club is affiliated to The Irish Martial Arts Commission (National
    governing body for Martial Arts) Kickboxing Ireland (National governing
    body for Kickboxing) and Sports Ireland.
  • Our club has produced numerous National and International champions and
    has been to the forefront of developing sports Martial Arts in Ireland and
  • We are involved in many areas of local activity and feel we make a positive contribution to our community.
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Why Martial Arts? Here’s 10 very good reasons

  1. Self-Defence

    Our classes teach a highly effective self defence system. Proper Self defence training is much more than just punching and kicking, it’s about developing awareness, confidence and the ability to manage confrontation.

  2. Health Fitness & Well Being

    Martial arts is a complete workout. You build stamina, strength, and flexibility. You also develop coordination and balance. You feel better physically as your body becomes stronger and more capable. Martial arts is a great way to stay in shape.

  3. Confidence

    Because you can handle yourself physically, you begin to develop confidence in yourself and your capabilities. You walk taller with your head up; you’re prepared, calm, and self-assured.

  4. Focus and Mental Strength

    In training, you must be very aware of your actions and the people around you. You become more aware of your environment, which helps to keep you safe out in the world. This broadening of awareness is important in life. It can help in school, work, and in your relationships. It can generally help you navigate your way through life.

  5. Make Friends & Start a Great Lifelong Hobby

    Friends in Martial Arts are friends for life’. Through training, learning and competing we forge great new friendships and develop lifelong relationships. Martial Arts is also a great developer of social skills for younger participants.

  6. Reduces Stress

    Martial arts offers a positive way to reduce stress. You direct your energy in a physical way that is beneficial, and there is no doubt that hitting a punching bag is a great way to release pent up energy and stress.

  7. Improves Character & Self Discipline

    We teach respect, discipline, how to cooperate, and how to be humble. This is all part of proper Martial Arts training. The martial arts school is a great environment for learning the importance of perseverance and excellence.

  8. Personal Development

    Martial arts training can be challenging—practicing the sport demands discipline and courage to perform new techniques. Character development is an outcome for dedicated martial arts students. Students who are brought outside of their comfort zones have an opportunity to grow.

  9. Fun

    Apart from anything else Martial Arts is also great fun for all ages. Training should be enjoyed not endured. Although we teach Martial Arts in a disciplined and traditional manner we also ensure that everyone enjoys training, we believe that maximum benefits from our class activities will be achieved if everyone has a bit of fun in every class.

  10. Competitive Sport

    Although not everyone will choose to compete, we do offer our students the opportunity to take part in all levels of competition from local inter-club up to national and even international level. Our over fighter’s achievements over many decades has earned us the reputation as being one of Ireland’s most successful Martial Arts Clubs.